Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Different Reactions... "You do what?"

I've been cloth diapering my son for nearly 18 months now - WoW! Where has the time gone! Yet, I still tend to get nearly the very same reactions anytime we are out in public, and I mention that he is cloth diapered. "You do what? Really?" -OR- "Man, that must be a LOT more work! You're brave!" Umm, NO, actually it isn't! It's actually really, very EASY! Yup, that's right, I said it - E-A-S-Y! :)

I have come to expect the reaction of shock when I share my passion and love for cloth diapering with others, yet, I love it when I don't get that reaction and instead I get an, "Oh really? What are they like? Do you have one you can show me?" SURE! :) I try to keep at least two different types and brands with me when I am out and about, just in case I get a chance to brag on my precious fluff! :)

I am sure most all of you have gotten many of the same reactions. Hopefully, through sharing our experiences we can spread the fluffy love around and bring more awareness  to the benefits of cloth diapering and how truly EASY it really is. 

P.S. ~ I really ENJOY doing "Fluffy" laundry! (It's the only laundry I enjoy.)