Friday, December 17, 2010

**CLOSED**Merry Christmas bumGenius 4.0 Giveaway**CLOSED**

Congratulations, Michelle B.!!
Please e-mail us with your color preference, snaps or aplix, and mailing address for your New bumGenius 4.0 
@ tinibottoms[at]att[dot]net 
We are so excited to have bumGenius on board that we've decided to host a giveaway for your chance to win a bumGenius 4.0 in your choice of color (Artist Series not included)!

To enter, simply "LIKE" us as 'Tini Bottoms' on Facebook, and tell us why you would like to try a bumGenius 4.0
-OR- why you already like them. Post your answer and that you "Like" us on Facebook as a comment to our blog.
*Please remember to leave your Facebook ID in your post, since we will check all entries in order to be fair. 
~Additional Entries~
Follow our blog, and post as a comment to our blog stating that you are a "Follower."

You can "Follow" us on Twitter @TiniBottoms, and post a comment to our blog stating that you are a "Follower on Twitter."

*This giveaway is open to US residents ONLY! Sorry to our dedicated Canadian friends, but don't worry we have more giveaways coming up for you to enter too! ;-)
All entries must be received by 11:59pm EST on December 24th to be eligible. Winner will be randomly chosen via and posted on our blog sometime Christmas Day. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. If after 48 hours the prize hasn't been claimed, we will select another winner. If we have not received enough entries, we have the right to extend the giveaway deadline.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fluffy Holiday Specials

It's the time of year where everyone is bustling around, tidying up, getting ready for family visits, shopping -- WAIT! Don't forget to add "Fluff" to your wish list! Just in case you haven't been able to convince Santa that you're in need of new "Fluff," we are here to help you!! :o)

So, here is a list of wonderful promotions we are having between now and Christmas!

-10% OFF ALL AppleCheeks (ends Wednesday, 12/15)

-FuzziBunz Christmas Sale= $11.95 for Perfect Size & $17.95 for One Size (ends Saturday, 12/18)

-Doopsy diapers and accessories on sale

-Fun "12 Days of Christmas" Surprise Deals!

*Special 1/2 Price Shipping*
US Shipping is $2.50 for orders under $35, and Always FREE for orders of $35 or more!!

Shipping to Canada is $6, and Always FREE for orders of $100 or more!!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping from Tini Bottoms!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Sale!!

Are you ready for "Black Friday!!"
Well, we've decided to start a bit early! 

Doopsy diapers and inserts 25% OFF!!

AppleCheeks diapers and accessories 15% OFF!!

FuzziBunz Perfect Size $10.95!!

You can start shopping and saving NOW!! All sale prices are good now through Black Friday, only while supplies last.
We also have some exciting news to share with all of you! We are happy to inform you that we are bringing Bumgenius on board! We just got word today that our order has been shipped, so we are expecting it sometime next week! YAY!!

Also, we have already placed another order with FuzziBunz which is due to arrive sometime during the first part of December. The shipment will include NEW FuzziBunz products like the new OS Hemp diaper and Hemp inserts, along with several more OS diapers, and a couple of wetbags!

We plan on placing orders with AppleCheeks and Doopsy soon too! 

We hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AppleCheeks Review

AppleCheeks diapers come in a size 1, which fits babies from 7-20lbs, and a size 2, which fits babies from 18-40lbs. Both sizes have two rows of snaps, and with the stretchy material of the diaper, you can easily have a tighter waist setting than leg setting or a tighter leg setting than waist setting. It also has elastic at both the back and front part of the diaper, which helps prevent leaks, especially on tummy sleepers! This makes for perfect sizing on your baby all the way around.

The Applecheeks diaper has a unique envelope opening where you can stuff your insert. It is unique in that there is no need to unstuff this diaper before washing, because the insert washes out of the envelope cover in the wash to get clean! If you prefer not to stuff the insert into the envelope cover, you can simply lay the insert (tri-folded, since I have a bamboo 3 ply insert) inside of the envelope cover. This allows you to reuse the cover multiple times before having to wash the cover.

AppleCheeks Sz 2 in Lemon Zest (Outer)
This is the envelope opening on the inside of the AppleCheeks diaper.

3 Ply Bamboo Insert

Tri-folding the 3 Ply Bamboo insert
The 3 Ply Bamboo insert after being tri-folded
Stuffing the insert inside of the envelope opening of the AppleCheeks cover

Applecheeks cover stuffed with 3 Ply Bamboo insert

Using the AppleCheeks as a cover with 3 Ply Bamboo insert simply placed inside. When the insert is soiled, just remove the insert, replace with a new one and reuse the cover!

This is one of my favorite diapers! I absolutely love the fit on my son! I really believe that this diaper would give babies of all shapes and sizes a great fit - far superior to most diapers on the market! I love the tummy elastic, and this diaper is a great overnight diaper for our tummy sleeping little man! I wrap our 3 ply bamboo insert around a hemp insert, and it's a great 12+ hour solution! At nearly 16 months and 24lbs and in the 98th percentile for height, the size 2 AppleCheeks fits our son on the snuggest setting, so plenty of room to grow with this one!

The AppleCheek Envelope Cover retails for $19USD and $10.80USD for the 3 ply bamboo cover, so overall you're looking at $29.80 for this diaper as a whole. Although, it definitely isn't the cheapest system out there, it ranks far superior to most other brands, in my opinion. The other thing to keep in mind - if you buy several size 1 covers and 3 ply bamboo inserts, when you're baby out grows the size 1's you can use the very same inserts in your new size 2's!

I highly recommend AppleCheeks to everyone, whether you have an itty-bitty baby or a little chubbers! You will not regret this purchase!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doopsy SD Giveaway

 **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**Congratulations, Lavanna!! :o)
In preparation for "Black Friday" we've decided to giveaway a Doopsy D diaper!! We believe in the Doopsy line, and we love Doopsy diapers and inserts, and we want to spread the love for Doopsy!!
Mandatory Entry
-"Like" us on Facebook and our website. Come back to our blog and leave a comment (to this post) that you did and tell us why you want to try OR why you already love Doopsy diapers and inserts.

Optional Extra Entries
-Tell us what you would like to see us post on our Facebook wall - discussion questions, diapering "how to's", diapering dilemma solutions, etc. anything you'd like hear about or discuss. Let us know. :o)

-Tell us your main reason and/or influence for cloth diapering and how it's made a difference in your life.

You have three possible entries. :o) We will randomly select a winner via All entries must be received by Monday, November 29th at 5:00pm EST to be eligible.We are asking that we have a minimum of 50 mandatory entries, so with that being said, if the minimum number of entries has not been reached at that point we will wait to select a winner when the minimum has been met. The winner will be selected and announced on Monday, November 29th on our blog and Facebook wall providing we have the minimum number of entries. Good luck!! :o)
**The minimum number of entries does NOT include the optional entries.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nighttime Fluff Solution

It can be so difficult to find the perfect nighttime diapering solution for your baby, and once you find one, it can change before you know it! I think there are many solutions to "no leaks" overnight. 

I think pocket diapers are the perfect starting point for any cloth diapering family, even newbies! They could very well be the beginning of solving your dilemma. You can stuff a pocket diaper with any number of inserts of all different kinds to get the absorbency you need for your baby. From my experience, I feel that a microfiber paired with a hemp and/or bamboo insert underneath is a good solution for heavy-wetters overnight. The Doopsy SD diaper is a WONDERFUL overnight diaper alone! Due to the trimness of hemp and bamboo, you could even add a second layer of either one if you think your baby needs it. We have also found FuzziBunz and AppleCheeks to be a great overnight solution for our baby when paired with the right inserts. AppleCheeks are great when you take the 3-ply insert and fold a hemp insert inside of it and stuff it in the envelope opening - voila!

Check out right now for some GREAT SALES on both DOOPSY and FuzziBunz diapers!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too Fluff Happy to Think About Potty Training :o)

Okay, so I never thought I'd say this, but I really hope that potty training isn't too close by. Our daughter potty trained just before 30 months literally overnight!! Now our son is only 15 months, but already I am dreading the day that there is no longer a need to "fluff his bottom!" 

I've totally become obsessed with all of this cute fluff! I love the rainbow of colors and how I can easily match a cute t-shirt to his fluffy bottom on a warm day and easily show off the fluff when we're running errands or spending time in the park. 

I've never been "excited" by any means, about laundry, but let me tell you, I really LOVE doing "fluffy laundry!" It gives me great satisfaction knowing that all of this fluff that we have invested our money in, that gets soiled everyday, can be laundered and air dried and come out just as soft, white, and fluffy as the day we bought them! As I fold, and stuff the pocket diapers, I smile with satisfaction knowing that we are bettering out planet and giving our baby the very best in diapers - CLOTH! Saving that sweet bottom from unnecessary rashes!

I know the day will come when my little man will want to use the potty regularly and wear "big boy pants," but until then, I am going to enjoy every little bit of fluff that adorns his sweet little bottom on a daily basis! Perhaps, even when he is fully potty trained he will still want to wear his darling fluff and just keep from soiling them! :o)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AppleCheeks Giveaway **CLOSED**

In honor of us receiving our first shipment of AppleCheeks, we are hosting a giveaway for your chance to win 1 AppleCheeks Little Bundle in your choice of size (may specify boy/girl color). 

In order to be entered into this giveaway you must
1. "Like" our website @
2. "Like" us on Facebook as Tini Bottoms.
3. Follow our blog.
4. Answer one of these questions: "Why do you love AppleCheeks?" OR "Why would you like to try an AppleCheeks Little Bundle?"

Once you've done all of the above, come back to our blog and post in 1 COMMENT that you did along with your response to one of the above questions. 

**All entries must be received by Saturday, November 06, 2010 at 11:59pm EST to be eligible. We are asking that we have a minimum of 50 entries to honor the giveaway. If we do NOT have at least 50 entries by Saturday, then the giveaway will be extended until we've reached 50 entries. Entries are to be posted on our BLOG ONLY to be eligible. Winner will be drawn via

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fluff Happy Over Doopsy!

Recently, I decided to open my own online cloth diaper store, Tini Bottoms, and I never thought twice about contacting Joana Weber about carrying her Doopsy diapers and inserts! It wasn't long before I placed an order for my store, and of course, I had to keep a Doopsy SD to try on my 14 month old son, and I am SO GLAD I did!

The Doopsy comes in three variations and price points - The Doopsy R comes with two 4-layer microfiber inserts @ $15.95. The Doopsy D comes with one 4-layer microfiber insert and one expandable insert/soaker with 4-layers of Bamboo double-loop terry and waterproof (PUL) backing @ $16.95. And the Doopsy SD comes with one 4-layer microfiber insert, one expandable insert/soaker with 4-layers of Bamboo double-loop terry and waterproof backing, and an additional extra absorbency pad with 2-layers of Bamboo hemp loop terry @ $17.95.

The diaper I will be reviewing is the Doopsy SD.


The wonderful thing about Doopsy is that there is a price point for everyone! The Doopsy SD retails @ $17.95. This is a great deal for a wonderful, quality pocket diaper, especially when you're getting so many layers of absorbency (including hemp) and a waterproof (PUL) backing for extra protection!


The colors are Sunny Yellow, Happy Red, Eco Green, Smiley Blue, and Giggly Orange. I think they are fabulous! I have a boy, and I would put any one of these vibrant colors on him or my daughter (if she wasn't already potty trained!) I love that they are bright and not pastel, and they are easily paired with a cute t-shirt if you're like me and you like to match your cute 'fluff' to your baby's clothes! :o)

Sizing and Fit
I think, overall, these are somewhat smaller in comparison to another popular brand in our household, but that doesn't keep me from loving them! I actually love the way they fit my son! They are nice and trim - not at all bulky! So you don't get the "bubble-butt" effect, even when you FULLY stuff this diaper, it is still trimmer than most diapers. My son is 14 months and they fit him on the middle rise (he is tall too!) He has plenty of room to grow in this diaper!

I have found this diaper to be super absorbent! The expandable insert/soaker is a lot like a sock when it comes to stuffing it inside itself. This then creates a pocket opening, perfect for stuffing your extra absorbency pad into and even the 4-layer microfiber insert as well. With the added PUL (waterproof backing) on the expandable insert, this diaper is bullet-proof when it comes to leaks! We haven't had one yet! Even after our son slept in this diaper for 12+ hours, his sheets and clothes were dry! Yes, the diaper weighed a ton, but NO LEAKS! :o)

I really LOVE the Doopsy SD!  This diaper is a winner, and definitely a first-grabber when I am changing my son! Cute, bright, trim, functional and a great price point for EVERYONE!

Oh yes, my husband really loves this diaper too! Maybe I can convince him to write a review as well! :o)