Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fluff Happy Over Doopsy!

Recently, I decided to open my own online cloth diaper store, Tini Bottoms, and I never thought twice about contacting Joana Weber about carrying her Doopsy diapers and inserts! It wasn't long before I placed an order for my store, and of course, I had to keep a Doopsy SD to try on my 14 month old son, and I am SO GLAD I did!

The Doopsy comes in three variations and price points - The Doopsy R comes with two 4-layer microfiber inserts @ $15.95. The Doopsy D comes with one 4-layer microfiber insert and one expandable insert/soaker with 4-layers of Bamboo double-loop terry and waterproof (PUL) backing @ $16.95. And the Doopsy SD comes with one 4-layer microfiber insert, one expandable insert/soaker with 4-layers of Bamboo double-loop terry and waterproof backing, and an additional extra absorbency pad with 2-layers of Bamboo hemp loop terry @ $17.95.

The diaper I will be reviewing is the Doopsy SD.


The wonderful thing about Doopsy is that there is a price point for everyone! The Doopsy SD retails @ $17.95. This is a great deal for a wonderful, quality pocket diaper, especially when you're getting so many layers of absorbency (including hemp) and a waterproof (PUL) backing for extra protection!


The colors are Sunny Yellow, Happy Red, Eco Green, Smiley Blue, and Giggly Orange. I think they are fabulous! I have a boy, and I would put any one of these vibrant colors on him or my daughter (if she wasn't already potty trained!) I love that they are bright and not pastel, and they are easily paired with a cute t-shirt if you're like me and you like to match your cute 'fluff' to your baby's clothes! :o)

Sizing and Fit
I think, overall, these are somewhat smaller in comparison to another popular brand in our household, but that doesn't keep me from loving them! I actually love the way they fit my son! They are nice and trim - not at all bulky! So you don't get the "bubble-butt" effect, even when you FULLY stuff this diaper, it is still trimmer than most diapers. My son is 14 months and they fit him on the middle rise (he is tall too!) He has plenty of room to grow in this diaper!

I have found this diaper to be super absorbent! The expandable insert/soaker is a lot like a sock when it comes to stuffing it inside itself. This then creates a pocket opening, perfect for stuffing your extra absorbency pad into and even the 4-layer microfiber insert as well. With the added PUL (waterproof backing) on the expandable insert, this diaper is bullet-proof when it comes to leaks! We haven't had one yet! Even after our son slept in this diaper for 12+ hours, his sheets and clothes were dry! Yes, the diaper weighed a ton, but NO LEAKS! :o)

I really LOVE the Doopsy SD!  This diaper is a winner, and definitely a first-grabber when I am changing my son! Cute, bright, trim, functional and a great price point for EVERYONE!

Oh yes, my husband really loves this diaper too! Maybe I can convince him to write a review as well! :o)

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