Friday, June 10, 2011

Cloth Diapering Overnight

Finding a bullet proof solution for cloth diapering your baby overnight can be a very daunting task, because every baby is different - some are very heavy wetters and one diaper does not fit every baby the same way. Therefore, finding what works for your baby or tot overnight can be very much a trail and error process until you find something that works!

My first suggestion to those who ask for overnight solutions involves pocket diapers - FuzziBunz, bumGenius, AppleCheeks, Happy Heinys - just to name a few. If you have any of these on hand, you're off to a great start! Pocket diapers are very customizable which allows you to stuff in however much or little absorbency your baby needs for different times of the day. For example, if your baby is a fairly moderate wetter, one microfiber insert and one hemp insert (hemp on bottom) stuffed in a pocket diaper may do the trick, especially for younger babies. If you need more absorbency, you may try using two hemp inserts and one microfiber insert or prefold stuffed in the pocket.

Another option are fitted diapers with a pocket opening such as Thirsties Fab Fitteds or Happy Heinys Hempys, paired with a cover. The fact that these too have a pocket opening allows you to add more absorbency for your baby overnight or during naps. In most cases, you can add one or two hemp or bamboo inserts to these fitteds and pair it with a cover, and you have the perfect nighttime solution!

Finally, LolliDoo makes a great Overnight Eco-Pocket Diaper. Again, you stuff it with the absorbency your baby needs and you have a leak proof system. These are very breathable because they are made with fleece and come with either an organic cotton or stay dry lining and they do NOT have a PUL layer. Added bonus, the snaps are VERY sturdy! Even hard for parents to undo :)

So, if you've been stressing over damp sheets and jammies in the morning, I hope this post has given you some ideas as to great options for diapering your baby overnight! :) Cheers to dry jammies, dry sheets and happy babies in the morning! <3

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