Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AppleCheeks Review

AppleCheeks diapers come in a size 1, which fits babies from 7-20lbs, and a size 2, which fits babies from 18-40lbs. Both sizes have two rows of snaps, and with the stretchy material of the diaper, you can easily have a tighter waist setting than leg setting or a tighter leg setting than waist setting. It also has elastic at both the back and front part of the diaper, which helps prevent leaks, especially on tummy sleepers! This makes for perfect sizing on your baby all the way around.

The Applecheeks diaper has a unique envelope opening where you can stuff your insert. It is unique in that there is no need to unstuff this diaper before washing, because the insert washes out of the envelope cover in the wash to get clean! If you prefer not to stuff the insert into the envelope cover, you can simply lay the insert (tri-folded, since I have a bamboo 3 ply insert) inside of the envelope cover. This allows you to reuse the cover multiple times before having to wash the cover.

AppleCheeks Sz 2 in Lemon Zest (Outer)
This is the envelope opening on the inside of the AppleCheeks diaper.

3 Ply Bamboo Insert

Tri-folding the 3 Ply Bamboo insert
The 3 Ply Bamboo insert after being tri-folded
Stuffing the insert inside of the envelope opening of the AppleCheeks cover

Applecheeks cover stuffed with 3 Ply Bamboo insert

Using the AppleCheeks as a cover with 3 Ply Bamboo insert simply placed inside. When the insert is soiled, just remove the insert, replace with a new one and reuse the cover!

This is one of my favorite diapers! I absolutely love the fit on my son! I really believe that this diaper would give babies of all shapes and sizes a great fit - far superior to most diapers on the market! I love the tummy elastic, and this diaper is a great overnight diaper for our tummy sleeping little man! I wrap our 3 ply bamboo insert around a hemp insert, and it's a great 12+ hour solution! At nearly 16 months and 24lbs and in the 98th percentile for height, the size 2 AppleCheeks fits our son on the snuggest setting, so plenty of room to grow with this one!

The AppleCheek Envelope Cover retails for $19USD and $10.80USD for the 3 ply bamboo cover, so overall you're looking at $29.80 for this diaper as a whole. Although, it definitely isn't the cheapest system out there, it ranks far superior to most other brands, in my opinion. The other thing to keep in mind - if you buy several size 1 covers and 3 ply bamboo inserts, when you're baby out grows the size 1's you can use the very same inserts in your new size 2's!

I highly recommend AppleCheeks to everyone, whether you have an itty-bitty baby or a little chubbers! You will not regret this purchase!

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