Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too Fluff Happy to Think About Potty Training :o)

Okay, so I never thought I'd say this, but I really hope that potty training isn't too close by. Our daughter potty trained just before 30 months literally overnight!! Now our son is only 15 months, but already I am dreading the day that there is no longer a need to "fluff his bottom!" 

I've totally become obsessed with all of this cute fluff! I love the rainbow of colors and how I can easily match a cute t-shirt to his fluffy bottom on a warm day and easily show off the fluff when we're running errands or spending time in the park. 

I've never been "excited" by any means, about laundry, but let me tell you, I really LOVE doing "fluffy laundry!" It gives me great satisfaction knowing that all of this fluff that we have invested our money in, that gets soiled everyday, can be laundered and air dried and come out just as soft, white, and fluffy as the day we bought them! As I fold, and stuff the pocket diapers, I smile with satisfaction knowing that we are bettering out planet and giving our baby the very best in diapers - CLOTH! Saving that sweet bottom from unnecessary rashes!

I know the day will come when my little man will want to use the potty regularly and wear "big boy pants," but until then, I am going to enjoy every little bit of fluff that adorns his sweet little bottom on a daily basis! Perhaps, even when he is fully potty trained he will still want to wear his darling fluff and just keep from soiling them! :o)

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